“The You Better Not…Or Else Syndrome!!!

“The You Better Not…Or Else Syndrome!!!

By Lisa Bell Hanner:


“The You Better Not…Or Else” Syndrome!!!”

Sadly, In Our Today’s Society, Some if Not Many; Believe ALL Democratic Rights in Our Country; Are
Made ONLY for Him or Her; Be It Religious Freedom Rights; or Freedom of Speech Rights; and Freedom of Choice Rights; and More!!…But NOT for Others.

These Same People Believe His or Her Rights…Should Be Exercised Fully AND Continuously, Without ANY Interruption…Or Retaliation Against His or Her Person-hood(Or His or Her Loved Ones); Personal Privacy; Or Spreading A Fabrication Or Committing Slander Towards
Another’s Reputation; (He or She Moving Forward with Malicious Gossip As If He Or She Knows Everything About You; Or The Circumstance; When In Most Cases You Are A Stranger to
Them; Outside of His or Her Spying;  and/or Personal and Private Property Violation and Protected Information.

Again, Including His or Her Beliefs or God-given Choices…YES, As Having Free Moral Agency Given ALL By The Almighty, Creator God; For He Is Over Our Consequences; Both Present and Eternal; Yes, the World, Even This Country; Through The King & Lord Jesus, The Christ, The Savior!!!

Yet, in Today’s Society this is Becoming Less and Less True Or Popular…For Many Americans!!!

Instead, Outside Of A Select Few…Others Are Faced with the Dreaded…”You Better Not…Or Else Syndrome”…Despite No Hate or Harm Being Inflicted On Him or Her  From Others!!!

However, You Can Hear Him or Her Saying Secretly Or Publicly; and Some Figuratively and Some Literally…

“You Better Not Oppose My Position…Or Else!!”

“You Better Not Disagree or Show A Lack of Support For My Way Of Life…Or Else!!!”

“You Better Not Even Look Like; You Are Trying to Be More Successful or Popular Than Him or Her…Or Be Inflicted with the Dreaded Or Else Syndrome!!! (Even Though; In Most Cases, People Are NOT; But Running His or Her Own Race!!!)

“You Better Not Speak Out Against My Position…Or Else!!”

“You Better Not Stand Up for What You Believe In; If It Is Different From Mine…Or Else!!”

“You Better Not Take A Side With Those I Do Not Agree With…Or Else!!”

“You Better Not Have Any Beliefs Of Your Own That Oppose Mine…Or Else!!”

“You Better Allow Me To Do Dirt To You And Even Yours; BUT KEEP QUITE ABOUT IT…Or Else!!”

“You Better Take It; Even If  Someone Looks, Listens and/or Reads Something; Moreover, and Unbelievable, Even Crazy for Him or Her; To Maliciously Change the Verbiage of Another Person; with the Malicious INTENT to ENTRAP Him or Her; and Even Crazier; He or She Does Not Expect ANY Repercussions; And Be Someplace Where He or She Does Not Belong; Or Was NOT Invited; Or Authorized, (I.E. Website or Another’s Personal and Protected Information or Private Location); and He or She Attacks You; and/or Lie On You… Still, Or Else!!”

“You Better Not Try To Hide From An Unethical Person; or An Abuse Of Power Person; or Unauthorized Person; Because He Or She will Say, “Why Are You Hiding???” “You Must Have Something To Hide!!! (When You Are In The Right Place; Doing The Right Things; But He or She Is NOT!!!…Yet, STILL, You Get The…Or Else!!!”

“You Better Not Have A Different Political Position From Mine…Or Else!!”

“You Better Not Become Offended Because I Vehemently Hate You Or Strongly Dislike; Although He or She, DOES NOT Know You!!!…Still, Or Else!!!”

The Phrase “Or Else” In The “Better Not” Syndrome Means…

Him or Her Saying Privately or Publicly…

“I Will Do Dirt To You and Even Yours!!!” Says Those Who “Retaliate!!”

“And, If You Persist In NOT Doing His Or Her Way ; He or She Will Attempt to Pile On More Dirt; Upon More Dirt; Against You and Even Yours” Moreover, He or She Will Even, Steal, Kill, or Destroy to Have His or Her WAY!!! Which Are Characteristics of the Evil One; Satan the Devil!!! And if that Does Not Work; He or She WILL Manufacturer FAKE Evidence in Order to Be Right or to WIN!!!

And Yes, By ANY Means Necessary!!!”

Again: “Whether That Means:

To You or Yours Person-hood, Personal Privacy,   Fabricate and Spread Slanderous Gossip Towards Another Person’s Reputation; and/or Personal and Private Property and Protected Information; AND ON AND ON!!!”

But, Him or Her Expects NO Actual Or ZERO Occurrences to Happen Him or Her (Or His or Her Loved Ones); Who Are Dishing Out The Retaliation and Dirt Towards Others!!

Again Whether That Means: To His or Her Person-hood, Personal Privacy,  Fabricated and Spreading of Slanderous  Gossip; to Ruin Another’s Reputation or Position; and/or Personal and Private Property or Protected Information; ON AND ON!!!).

 This Hardly Seems FAIR; To The Recipients of: “You Better Not…Or Else Syndrome Folks!!!”

Especially, When So Many In This Country Have Died To Protect and Preserve Our Great and Glorious Democracy, Rights, and Freedoms!!!


NO One Gets To Do Wrong To Another Person Indefinitely; By Oppressing, or Suppressing; Another Person’s Freedoms In Our Country Continually!!!

MINUS The “Or Else!!!”

“Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated!!!”

Luke 6:31 English Standard Version (ESV) 

“And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them”

Don’t Allow Satan, the Devil to Use You to Do His Dirt!!!

Neither Allow Him to Steal Your Eternal Rest and Comfort; That Is; Life After Death Because of Wrong Doing!!!

Have A Blessed to You and Yours!!!